Who is a Traditional Healer ?
What is a Traditional Herbal Medicine ?

Who is a Traditional Healer? Do you know that a Traditional Healer is a person who is recognised by the community in which he lives and also competent to provide health care by using vegetable, animal and mineral substances and any other methods based on the social cultural and religious background that are prevalent in the community regarding physical, mental and social well-being and the causes of disease and disability.



What is Traditional Medicine?Do you know that Traditional medicine is the sum total of knowledge,skills and also practices based on the theories and experiences indigenous to different cultures used in the maintenance of health and lifes as well as prevention, improvement or treatment of physical and mental illness.



All this are what we consider at Traditional Herbal Home & Spiritual Center that is why we are a leading traditional herbal and spiritual center....We specialize in the use of traditional herbs to cure and solve conditions of health and life problems cause it is our aim and objective to help those who are seeking for spiritual assistance not minding the gravity of your sitiuations or distance cause we can asure you that the distance you are,as nothing to do by not making solution to the problem you are having or facing cause as long as there is sand,air and water everywhere on this earth we can asure you a positive change..


      Dr Harrison The Great Herbal Doctor

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  • Als

  • parkinson/Alzmeimer

  • Hsv

  • Cmv

  • Hiv/Aids

  • Hpv

  • Scleroderma

  • chlamydia

  • Hepatitis

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